Meet the New Microsoft Student Partners for FY15


MSP This year’s recruitment for the Microsoft Student Partners program has been tough and exciting, interviews were conducted these past few weeks at the Microsoft Philippines as well as in the respective schools of some student aspirants for the Microsoft Student Partners program this incoming fiscal year.

Indeed, everyone who applied were all deserving to be a part of the program, but of course, we’ve only selected the best of the best. If you’ve been waiting for this news, then it’s time to finally see if you made it in this year’s roster of innovation trendsetters.

The search is officially over, for Luzon region, and we’re not going to prolong the agony of waiting. It’s time to finally unveil who among the applicants made it to the program. Meet the new ambassadors of Microsoft from Luzon, the New Microsoft Student Partners for FY15:

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Renewed Microsoft Student Partners for FY15

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Now what’s next?


Congratulations, to the new and renewed MSPs! This is just the start of everything and the continuation of great things (for the renewed MSPs) ahead of you! Make your home colleges and universities proud and may your burning passion with technology shine even brighter!

For new MSPs, now that you’re part of the Microsoft family, we will be in touched with you as soon as possible regarding the first steps that you’re about to take. You should receive an email from us at within the week. And we’ll see you all soon at the Microsoft Student Partners FY15 Luzon Kick-Off!

For now, go forth and spread this great news to everyone! It’s your day! Congratulations once more!

See you all soon,
Microsoft Philippines Academic Team