The Exclusive Windows Phone 8 App Development Meet up with the Microsoft Student Partners by Mr. Matthias Shapiro

Opportunities come and go and as with the Microsoft Student Partners of the Philippines, they were given a rare opportunity to meet one of the greatest minds of Microsoft Corporation at a meet up. It was during the 15th of November when they met Mr. Matthias Shapiro, a Windows Phone Technical Evangelist from Seattle (Microsoft Headquarters, Washington) for a Windows Phone 8 App Development briefing.

Since Windows Phone 8 has been released already in the United States, and is coming real soon in the Philippines, Mr. Shapiro gave the MSPs an overview regarding the latest features for the Windows Phone 8 SDK, knowing that the MSPs are now equipped with knowledge about both Windows 8 and Windows Phone app development.

The talking points Mr. Shapiro gave the MSPs revolved around the Overview of Windows Phone 8, the big things about it, and the developer platform improvements in developing an app under Windows Phone 8.

Gabriel Villanueva is a Computer Engineering Junior and Microsoft Student Partner from Treston International College. He’s a Certified Microsoft Certified Professional, and is one of the youngest tech bloggers in the Philippines to be nominated at the prestigious Philippine Blog Awards 2011 with his blog, The Ultimate Cyborg.