Tips and Tricks Series for Internet Explorer 9 #4

Tip # 4: One Box

Internet Explorer 9’s new User Interface integrates the Address bar and Search bar in one. Coined “One Box” users can now integrate other search engine plug-ins like Bing, Wikipedia, Amazon, Facebook and others to quickly search for relevant information. One Box utilizes Internet Explorer’s visual searching for ease of use.

By default Search the search suggestion are turned off. Choosing “Turn on search suggestion” will turn this feature on.

To add other search engine providers, just click add and you are redirected to the Search Engine Plug-in site. Choose from the various search engine providers and you are all set. You can also visit this link to install different search providers.

**Install the Facebook search providers and easily search for friends, post and other relevant information in Facebook without going to the Facebook page! Now that’s multi-tasking!

For more information on the new features of Internet Explorer 9, please visit .

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