The Microsoft Student Partners – Microsoft Philippines DPE Leads Exclusive Dinner with Mr. Giorgio Sardo

During the 21st of November 2012, representatives from the Microsoft Student Partners were given the opportunity to join the Exclusive Dinner with the DPE Leads of Microsoft Philippines and Mr. Giorgio Sardo.

Mr. Giorgio Sardo is a Sr. Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, he focuses on HTML5 and Internet Explorer.  He’s based in the Microsoft Headquarters, in Redmond, Washington and came here in the Philippines for a corporate related visit. Since he’s got the knowledge of what’s happening with Microsoft, he’s in touched with the big bosses of the corporation – Mr. Steve Ballmer and other Microsoft Executives, we’ve got the opportunity to ask him about things most of us probably don’t know yet about Microsoft and the things they are currently working with. Here’s a couple of questions we asked him.

MSP: Windows 8 is here already, we would like to know when will Microsoft plan to release another version for Windows?

Mr. Giorgio Sardo: Windows 8 is four weeks old already and the new version of Windows is currently in the works. Expect a new version within five years.

MSP: We’re just curious about the time frame of Windows 8’s creation. When did the team started creating the new operating system for Windows?

Mr. Giorgio Sardo: Windows 7 was released three years ago. The team started creating Windows 8 during the first week of Windows 7’s release. I think there was just a one day gap (some sort of a holiday which happened during the launch of Windows 7) after that break, the team started building Windows 8.

MSP: We’ve noticed that Microsoft decided to have apps in Windows 8. We’re just wondering if its really Microsoft’s leaving or going to remove desktop in the next version of Windows?

Mr. Giorgio Sardo: If I were Steve Ballmer, I would say NO.  The Desktop environment has been available for 25 years already. It’s a 25 year Microsoft legacy. Remove the Desktop in the next Windows? Why Should We?

MSP: We Filipinos are very excited about the Microsoft Surface. I know some of us asked this question for the nth time already. We know you’re the right person to confirm it, Is Microsoft going to formally launch and sell Microsoft Surface in the Philippines?

Mr. Giorgio Sardo: As of this moment, Microsoft Surface has been released to eight countries only and Microsoft has plans to expand its availability to different countries around the world and with regards to the Philippines? Yes.

MSP: Knowing about the two versions of Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Surface RT has been released already. We’re wondering about the exact time or the estimate month of Microsoft Surface Pro’s availability, can we know some official details ‘bout this?

Mr. Giorgio Sardo: Microsoft Surface RT and Windows 8 is four weeks old in the market already. Count 90 days from their release date and you’ll know about Microsoft Surface Pro’s availability.


It’s another memorable experience to talk with Mr. Giorgio Sardo. We felt so honored to have that chance to bond with him. Mr. Giorgio Sardo is fun to be with. We had the chance to see his Surface too (which comes in red Touch Keyboard), and talked about our meetup with Mr. Matthias Shapiro, also a good friend of Mr. Giorgio that all the MSPs who attended made his Surface an instant celebrity, which is true and we laughed about it.

Knowing his position in Microsoft, he remains to be humble with his words and actions. He gave us inspiring words too before he left. Indeed it’s a remarkable night for all of us.

Gabriel Villanueva is a Computer Engineering Junior and Microsoft Student Partner from Treston International College. He’s a Certified Microsoft Certified Professional, and is one of the youngest tech bloggers in the Philippines to be nominated at the prestigious Philippine Blog Awards 2011 with his blog, The Ultimate Cyborg.