Signing Up For A DreamSpark Account

Hello Tech students, if you have noticed, DreamSpark has revamped their site to fit the Windows 8 Style UI theme. So to help you sign up for a DreamSpark account in their new site design, we came up with a step-by-step process that you can follow.

For those of you who are not familiar with DreamSpark, it is a free subscription to give students access to professional level developer and designer tool at no charge, thus allowing them to practice their skills in developing their own sites and apps for Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, Kinect and many more.

So what tools are available for download? DreamSpark has a wide selection of designer and developer tools, servers and applications and even training and certification resources.  You can check out the DreamSpark website (  for the complete list of tools.

To sign up:

1. Log-in to Click on the Sign in button –>


2. Type your username* (Live ID) and password.
*You may use you Live@Edu username to sign up for DreamSpark.


3. Start creating your DreamSpark account by providing the requested account information. To verify your account, you can select from 3 options (1) through your school, (2) by using an activation code, or (3) by using your International Student Identification Card (ISIC)


3.1 To verify your account, you will be asked to type in/select your school in the list provided.


3.2 If your school is not on the list, you can verify your account using an activation code, send an e-mail to to request for a code. Please put the Dreamspark Activation Code as subject of your message and attach a copy of your school ID, certificate/proof of enrolment and faculty reference (name, position, contact no., e-mail)


3.3 If you have an International Student identification Card or ISIC, you may type in your ISIC number to have your account verified.


4. Once you have selected your mode of verification, make sure that you have provided all the required information before you hit the continue to verify button –>


5. Once your account is verified, you may start downloading your free software. You may select from the list of Designer and Developer tools in the website. Remember that you are not allowed to sell and share the product keys that you’ll be acquiring through DreamSpark. You cannot also use these keys to install software on your school labs .

imageIf you have further questions or inquiries on DreamSpark or any of our academic programs, please feel free to e-mail the Microsoft Academic Team – Philippines at

If you have a Facebook account, don’t forget to like us at  to see announcements, promos and updates from Microsoft.


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