MSP nominated in the Philippine Blog Awards

Microsoft Student Partner gets nominated at the 2011 National Philippine Blog Awards

The Philippine Blog Awards is an annual event which gives recognition to outstanding Filipino-owned blogs with quality content that engages readers from around the globe.

This year, one of our Microsoft Student Partner’s blog, “The Ultimate Cyborg” got nominated as one of the 14 finalists in the Technology Category. []


The Ultimate Cyborg is a technology blog developed by Gabriel Villanueva to inform readers and technology enthusiasts like himself about the latest innovations in the field of Science and Technology. His blog posts include news, reviews, tips and tricks, and other useful information on the latest trends in technology. The blog was first published online last February 2010, and in the span of less than a year, it has gained popularity in the online community that it was included in the Top 120 blogs in the country.

Gabriel is a technology enthusiast taking up Computer Engineering at Treston International College. Now on his 2nd year of college, Gabriel brings his passion for the latest technologies of Microsoft in his campus as one of the Microsoft Student Partners for his school.

Visit Gabriel’s blog, “The Ultimate Cyborg” here:


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