Student receives scholarship grant from MS Learning


Photo courtesy of MISNet Education Inc.

The Microsoft DPE & Microsoft Learning Scholarship is a global program launched early this year to students with limited resources get the opportunity to receive IT training and certification to ramp up their technical skills and boost their career.

Through the Microsoft Gold Certified Learning Partners, deserving students are selected based on their career and educational background and personal goals and aspirations.  Only one candidate is chosen from each of the 13 area regions around the world.

Yashico Jayme, a 3rd year BS IT student from Far Eastern University – East Asia College and a Microsoft Student Partner, was chosen as a recipient of the scholarship.  He will be receiving training and certification from Misnet worth US$5,000, computer hardware worth US$1,000 and mentoring sessions to strengthen his job readiness.

Yashico aspires to be a Microsoft SQL Server certified professional before he graduates. He believes that becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional will help him achieve his dreams of working for a big software company as a Database Administrator to help his family have a better life and future.

“I know that the Microsoft Scholarship Program will help me to pursue my career, my passion and also my dreams.” – Yashico Jayme


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