Microsoft Student Partners: I.T’.’s Most Wanted Tech Students

 The Microsoft Student Partner Program (MSP) recognizes the top young minds from around the world who are passionate about technology. Selected IT students get the opportunity to build a closer relationship with Microsoft, connect with IT enthusiasts, learn new technologies, develop their skills and helpthe academic community learn the latest technology.

Over 250 students coming from different universities and colleges applied for this year’s MSP Program. MSP leads and alumni participated as part of the recruitment team, where they had to grill qualified applicants in a panel interview, asking questions ranging from personality to technical related questions.

MSP Leads and MSP Alumni change their Facebook profile photo as part of the promotion

clip_image003 clip_image005 clip_image007
The recruitment team, composed of MSP Leads and MSP Alumni reviewed the application forms and interviewed the applicants

After reviewing all of their documents, interviews and further deliberation, 76 were selected to join the ranks of 25 returning technology rock stars for S.Y. 2011 – 2012. The MSAcadPH community stayed up late as students excitedly await the result of the interview:

clip_image002 clip_image004
Students stayed up late just to wait for the revelation of their photo in the list

Let’s congratulate this year’s batch of Microsoft Student Partners!


New MSPs were welcomed by the MSP Leads, Elders and Alumni in the MSP Family during the SY2011-2012 Kick Off. Both new and returning MSPs had their orientation for the objectives, goals and activities of the MSP Program for this school year and MSPs were thrilled with excitement as they go over through the discussion on the latest Microsoft that they will be playing with for the rest of the school year such as WP7 SDK, Kinect SDK, and Build.

clip_image002[6] clip_image004[4] clip_image006[7]

DPE Director Alvin Gendrano, gives his welcome remarks and inspirational talk for MSPs

Leads, Elders and Alumni prepared games and activities that will allow MSPs to bond with each other and establish collaboration among them. Everyone had the chance to get to know each other through a game of Human Bingo, Technology Quiz Bee, where MSPs where divided into groups to compete with each other and of course, everyone had fun playing dance battles with the Kinect.

clip_image010 clip_image012 clip_image014

MSP Leads also did a premiere showing of their first project for this school year which will soon be launched online: IGNITE! The MSP Webcast. The webcast aims to create an alternative form of learning and sharing ideas, information and expertise in an interactive and fun way in the tech student community.

clip_image016 clip_image018 clip_image020

After a morning of bonding and fun, breakout sessions were prepared in the afternoon in preparation for their Windows Phone 7 Application Development Workshop in the coming weeks. MSPs were given the option to select their language specializations and attend hands-on sessions, led by MSP Alumni.

clip_image022 clip_image024 clip_image026

The best student in the breakout sessions were awarded with special freebies from Microsoft

clip_image028 clip_image030 clip_image032

MSPs take a break from the technical sessions by playing Kinect and posing for the photobooth

clip_image034 clip_image036 clip_image038

To end the kick off, a short commencement exercise for MSP graduates was organized to in honor of their contribution and active participation in the program and to welcome them in the MSP Alumni Community.

clip_image040 clip_image042 clip_image044

Watch out for this year’s Technology Rock stars campus tour! We will be visiting your schools soon! =)



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