Signing up for a DreamSpark Account

DreamSpark enables students to download and use full version, professional Microsoft developer, designer, and gaming tools at NO CHARGE.  With access to these tools, students are empowered to learn more, develop their skills and unleash their full potential in the fields of technology, math, science and engineering.

To sign up for an account, simply follow these steps:

(1) Log-in to


(2) Sign-in using your Live ID


(3) Get your account verified


(4) Verify your account as a student. In the Philippines, there are two ways to get verified: (a) By using a verification code and (b) By using your Live@Edu e-mail


(a) Using a Verification Code
To acquire a verification code, you may get in touch with the Microsoft Academic Team – Philippines by sending us an e-mail at or by leaving us a message at Facebook: Please put the Dreamspark Activation Code as subject of your message and make sure to send us a copy of your school ID, certificate/proof of enrolment and faculty reference (name, position, contact no., e-mail)

4 verify

(b) Using Live@Edu
If your school is enrolled in Live@edu ( you can use your school e-mail to verify your account

4 verify 2


(5) You will be prompted if you have successfully verified your DreamSpark account Smile


So sign up for a DreamSpark account now and start using genuine, professional Microsoft tools for free! Smile


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