Philippine teams in Imagine Cup 2011


Hurray for the Philippines!

We would like to congratulate the following teams who made it to Round 2 of the following categories:

Digital Media

  • Team KISSES
  • Team gracenaval8fhex
  • Team Vir

Game Design (Windows/XNA)

  • Team Signum Fidei

IT Challenge

  • Team jasonbourne07
  • Team imvincent

Let’s pray and hope that they make it to the World Finals in New York, USA! Smile


For those who are still interested to join Imagine Cup 2011, do not lose hope! Software Design Category is still open for sign ups and submission until May 5, 2011. Smile (

Step up to the challenge and turn those awesome ideas into reality!

Join Imagine Cup:


2 thoughts on “Philippine teams in Imagine Cup 2011

  1. We also have a team that qualified in the windows phone 7 competition: mdg5. I think it’s the first time a Philippine team reached round 2 for the said competition. It’s a pity they didn’t make it to the top 5 though.

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