Can your browser do this?

Let’s admit: we’ve all used other browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari and we got glued to using some of them for a few years. A lot of people labeled Internet Explorer as slow and least customizable which are the main reasons why people switched. When people say how fast a browser is, they usually mean how fast it loads pages. When they say customizable, they refer to the themes and add-ons you can place on your browser. With the latest Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft changed the way we look at websites and our browsers, for good.


Until IE 8, “fast” meant how fast the browser loads pages. Current browsers use only 10% of your whole PC’s capacity. That’s a shame because most PCs nowadays come with their own graphics processing unit which can accelerate text, graphics, videos, and pages faster than your current processor because it’s dedicated. With IE 9, “fast” has been redefined by maximizing the computer’s graphics card. Fast now means how fast a browser can run a page’s JavaScript animation code, draw graphics, render video, and pretty much like everything you’ll expect from a game installed on your PC. PC games of today like Call of Duty: Black Ops use the capacity of your whole PC just to deliver spectacular graphics and accelerated performance. That same spectacular experience can now be brought to the web thanks to IE 9’s new JavaScript Engine called “Chakra”. Can your browser accelerate web graphics and pages using your whole PC?


Customizability refers to how far you can go making your browser look yours.  With IE 9, customizability is now shared with Windows by being able to pin tabs to the taskbar, just as you do with the usual Windows applications. Try it! Go to Facebook then click and drag the tab all the way to the taskbar and the page will open in its own window. It’s like bookmarking the site right to your taskbar so you could go to it anytime you like. When you get an update or notification on that site while the window is open, a little asterisk shows with the icon to tell you.



Since you can treat it like a real program installed on your computer, some sites now also support Jump Lists that are native in Windows 7. Just right click on the site and you’ll get a Jump List menu that is specific to the website.



Also, you can click and drag tabs all the way to the sides, not just their windows, to use Aero Snap which is also native in Windows 7 which is very useful for comparing two webpages such as an online store.



Can your browser pin websites on the taskbar for easy access and share exclusive Windows features like jump lists and Aero Snap?

What about the themes and visuals? IE 9 doesn’t have themes that’s because the goal of IE 9’s design is for the site to shine by toning down the visuals of the browser. It makes sense: nobody can see how your browser looks but everyone can see how your Facebook or Windows Live profile looks. To show you how Microsoft is committed to helping your sites (and profile) shine, take a look at this:




IE 9’s tab and address bar are just as thick as Microsoft Word’s ribbon when collapsed, roughly 50 pixels thick. Comparing IE 9 with other browsers, IE 9 has, by far, the tab and address bar which rest on glass take focus away from the browser and into the page. Is your browser clean from unnecessary visuals?

If your browser is clean from unnecessary visuals, you can experience a more beautiful web accelerated by your whole PC. When you can treat websites like applications installed on your PC, you know you’ve entered a new generation of looking at websites.

Let’s review the questions:

· Can your browser accelerate web graphics and pages using your whole PC?

· Can your browser pin websites on the taskbar for easy access and share exclusive Windows features like jump lists and Aero Snap?

· Is your browser clean from unnecessary visuals?

Can your browser do all this? If you’ve answered NO to at least one of these, it’s time to step up your browsing experience. Download IE 9 from and see for yourself how IE 9 delivers a more exciting experience.

Welcome to a more beautiful web!



Jan Michael R. Ibanez is a sophomore student at Mapua – Makati taking up BS Computer Science. As a Microsoft Student Partner, he is very passionate about technology and believes that sharing his skills to people using Microsoft technology is a great way to help this world become a better place in the age of Information Technology.


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