From MSP to MVP

Leo Luis is also a part of Microsoft Student Partner Program where he conducts talks, trainings and sessions on Microsoft technologies. Apart from his activities with Microsoft, he is also serving the country’s premiere IT student organization, Junior Philippine Computer Society as the Director for International Linkages and as the President for the local chapter in his campus. Learn stuff about Windows Phone Development, C# and .Net by checking out Leo's blog at

The Microsoft Academic Community – Philippines started its 2011 with a BANG!

Leo Lorenzo Luis, a 4th year BS Computer Science student from Far Eastern University – East Asia College was awarded as the Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP) for Device Application Development.

The Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP) Award Program is a recognition given by Microsoft to individuals who make exceptional contributions to technical communities by sharing their passion and knowledge on Microsoft technologies. The program is recognized not only in the Philippines but in 90 countries around the globe. Presently we have 26 MVPs locally and around 4,000 worldwide. Click here to read more about Microsoft Valuable Professional Awards Program.


We hope that more MVPs will come from the academe – both faculty and students! So keep your passion burning guys and make sure to share your awesome skills and knowledge to others too! 🙂


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