12 Days of MS Acad Ph

Ho! Ho! Ho! The weather’s getting colder now that Christmas is almost here!

We know that all of you have been good boys and girls this school year. And to reward you guys, we’ve come up with something to keep you warm this holiday season:

We’re giving out not 1 but 12 jackets for the month of December! 🙂

To get the chance to win this limited ed-ish /TechStudent Jacket, simply follow us on Facebook (http://facebook.com/msacadph) and/or twitter (http://twitter.com/msacadph) and wait for our weekly question to be posted. 🙂

Each week, MSAcadPH will be posting 1 simple question – Answer it as creatively as you can! Go crazy with videos, photos, poem, songs or even answer it with just a simple yet striking one-liner statement or sentence! Feel free to think out of the box!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK (December 14 –  19)
As a Tech Student, how did Microsoft made your life easier?

QUESTION OF THE WEEK (December 21 – 31)
What kind of apps/projects have you developed using MS technology?
[Show us some screenshot and share your stories behind it. :)]

Get creative as you can! Impress us with your awesome ideas! 🙂

We will be announcing 4 winners per week. So what are you waiting for? Add us up now! 🙂

http://facebook.com/msacadph | http://twitter.com/msacadph

Note: This contest is open for faculty/students only.



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