Microsoft Student Partners Philippines Kick-Off!

After a month of promotions and recruitment, we now have our new

Microsoft Student Partners for S.Y. 2010-2011. 🙂

Former Microsoft Student Partners organized a MSP recruitment day in their schools and

over 200 students applied for the program coming from 23 universities and colleges (in NCR alone).

Out of these applicants, only 64 were chosen to represent their school.

Excitement grew in the online community as several names were revealed hour by hour

during the announcement day:

We welcomed the new members thru our kick-off where they had their MSP orientation. 

Our kick-off started with a video message from our Regional DPE Director, Marcos Pinedo, congratulating our

MSPs for a job well done in FY10. He also gave a motivating message to welcome new MSPs to the program.

This was followed by a series of talks from our MSP Alumni who discussed our academic programs and

how it helped the community in the last school year.  They have also shared some ideas on how to

leverage on the programs and some of the highlight projects they spearheaded using these programs

and Microsoft technologies as well.

New MSPs were also introduced to the rest of the members:

To make them feel happy and welcomed to the Microsoft family, we also gave out MSP Welcome Kits:

We have also invited their faculty advisers for the kick-off to keep them aligned with our events and programs:

A short graduation ceremony was also conducted to show our thanks and gratitude to the graduating MSPs:

To keep our MSPs inspired and excited, awards are given to the best performing MSPs in the end of the school year.

Two awards were given, one for the retained MSPs and one for the graduating batch:

To shake off the shyness among them, several games were played followed by an afternoon of food and socialization:

And that’s how our 2010-2011 MSP School Year started!


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