Freedom to develop: Get your Microsoft software for free!

They said that the best things in life is for free. That’s why we have the best set of Developer and Designer tools for faculty and students – and we are giving it out for FREE! 🙂


Through the MSDN Academic Alliance Subscription, IT/CS students enrolled in approved faculties can install Microsoft resources such as Windows, Visual Studio, Expression Web, Windows Vista, SQL Server, Windows Server and more on their home machines / laptops for free. This makes it easier and less expensive for academic institutions to use the latest Microsoft tools, platforms and servers for instruction and research.


What is MSDN AA?

MSDN Academic Alliance gives universities the simplest and most-inexpensive way to provide the latest Microsoft software to labs, classrooms and PCs used by faculty and students studying science and technology.   MSDN AA provides access to all the latest developer tools, servers and platforms in a single, comprehensive package which simplifies licensing, deployment and staying current with software updates.


How can my entire school get MSDNAA?

You can refer to list to check if your school is subscribed to MSDNAA. If your school is not included, you may visit to get information on how to subscribe to this program.


How do I get my free software?


ü Check this list  if your school is subscribed to MSDNAA

ü Contact your MSDNAA administrator and request for an account. Make sure that you have the proper documents (Proof of enrollment, School I.D.) to verify that you are enrolled student of your department/school.

ü Wait for an e-mail/approval from your MSDNAA Administrator.

ü If your request is approved, you will be receiving an e-mail from, with the subject “You are registered!”. This e-mail contains the URL for your ELMS account.

ü  Click the link to log-in to the ELMS

ü  Type your username and assigned password and press enter

o   Note: If you are still logged on to your Live/Hotmail account, you will be automatically logged in to the ELMS portal upon clicking it

ü  Click on “My Software”

ü  Choose from the available software and then click on the “Download”

ü  This will automatically generate a “Serial Number” for the software of your choice

ü  To download the software, click on the “Download” button


Tip: If your friend has downloaded a software from ELMS, you can copy it and use you own product key to activate your ‘copied’ software. This way, you don’t have to wait for hours just to download a software, all you need to do is generate a serial number for your chosen software.


To get a more detailed guide on downloading and installing software from MSDNAA, you may download this document.


What is ELMS?

The MSDNAA Software Center (E-academy License Management System)

ü  Online MSDNAA Software distribution system

ü  Administrator can customize to departmental needs

ü  Offered as benefit to MSDNAA members worldwide

ü  Takes care of all the administrative functions. All MSDNAA software is available to students/faculty at no cost.


What software can I download? 

ü  Operating systems such as Windows Vista and Windows XP

ü  Developer Tools such as Visual Studio

ü  Server Tools such as SQL Server, Windows Server

ü  Designer Tools such as Expression Studio

ü  Non-Pro Tools such as One Note


Is it a trial version?

 – No. All software included in a MSDNAA Subscription are all full versions. You just have to download individual product keys for the respective software of your choice to activate your installer/trial version.


Can I share it with my friends?

 – You can share the installer only.  However, your product key only activates one copy per software and per user.  Each users should have their own respective product key/s from ELMS.


For further inquiries about the program, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at



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