The Philippine Browser Project

Microsoft Philippines would be building custom internet browsers for 100 select partners and customers as a FREE service to thank them for their continued support.

Who are qualified?

Local companies, organizations, or interest groups with more than 20 members.

What will you get?

The new browser would be tailor fit for your organization. You would be given installers that you can share with your members and install in unlimited number of PCs.

(A) Browser Co-Branding and Home Page(s)

The organization name or brand would appear on the title bar. And the default home page(s) are personalized.

(B) Preset Favorites, Favorites Bar and RSS Feeds

You can specify custom favorites and feeds to be installed in your package.


Custom Accelerators could be added to speed up your internet experience. Accelerators provide quick access to external services from any webpage.  Sample Accelerators.

(C) Custom Search Providers

The search bar would be preset with your preferred search provider(s).

The customized browser installers will be sent via email and courier this February.

How will you participate?

Organizations should simply fill up the downloadable form here (sample entries are provided) and email it to



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