Install Windows 7 via USB

Windows 7 RTM will be out in MSDNAA ELMS by Aug. 14! Here is a great tool from Tweaking with Vishal and instructions on creating a bootable USB for installing Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008.

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Imagine a situation where you need to install Windows Vista or 7 in a system but you don’t have access to DVD drive. We all know Windows Vista, Server 2008 or 7 comes in DVDs and you’ll need a DVD drive to install them. Then how will you install them? The solution is, you can create a bootable USB drive which can be used to install Windows without using DVD drive.

We have posted a detailed tutorial to create such bootable USB drive long time back, you can read about it here.

The above method is very easy to follow but wouldn’t it be great if we can use a utility to do the whole task automatically? Our reader "Aris" has created a small utility exclusively for AskVG readers which creates a bootable USB drive to install Windows Vista, Server 2008 or 7.


  • A USB Drive (4 GB or more)
  • Windows Vista, Server 2008 or 7 ISO image or DVD
  • Host OS: Windows Vista (SP1 or SP2), Server 2008 or 7

How to Use:

Once you meet the requirements, run the utility. Its a portable utility so doesn’t need installation. Simply run it and check the option "I have read and accepted the following License Agreement". Now click on OK button and it’ll launch the main application.

It also shows a Help window so that you can use the utility easily. The utility requires only 4 easy steps to follow:

  • Check USB drive (To check whether your USB drive is attached or not)
  • Format USB drive
  • Choose DVD or ISO image (To copy the required files to USB drive)
  • Start the process to create bootable USB drive

Download Links:

Download Link (Rapidshare)

Download Link (Mediafire)

Download Link (Skydrive)

PS: It also works in 64-bit Windows versions.


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